50 Useful Links for Search Engine Optimization (Part 1)

In most cases, a good way to gain unexpected traffic for your web site would be to start writing a blog. Millions of people are browsing blog syndicates in different ways which may eventually visit your blog. As such, having good contents is essential to collect and retain quality traffic.

But then there are a number of other ways that you can configure your blog to become more user friendly, in addition, to increase your blog exposure other different web sites. We have summarized 50 links before that will definitely be useful for your endeavors in search engines optimization.

Gaining Traffic

Digg - For people to propose, share and rate contents on the web. Write some good contents and post the link here for people to 'digg' it to a higher rank.
Stumbleupon - Provides a toolbar for users to randomly 'stumble' to interesting pages. User can rank the page in the toolbar which determines the frequency for the page to be shown.
Feedburner - Syndicate your feed, provides a number of features and integration channels to other tools which makes your feed more popular and user-friendly
Technorati - Syndicate your blog feed, receives ping upon any new postings and share it with other users, given your post has some 'authority'
Weblogs.com - Service by VeriSign that receives ping upon blog updates
blo.gs - Service by Yahoo that receives ping upon blog updates
Del.icio.us - Plain and simple social online bookmark system. Allows users to record any URLs onto their favorites according to tags, given the same tag users can browse others' collection to scale their knowledge bases.
dmoz.org - Online directory which is the source of information for various famous search engines. Getting listed here will raise the opportunity for your site to be indexed
Craigslist - Another online directory that provides various kinds of classified information
Yahoo! buzz - Famous blogs and news syndicates that can provide extra traffic to your blog, given your feed can be included in their syndicated news feed
BlogBlogs - ditto
TechMeme - ditto
EzineArticles - ditto
GoArticles - ditto
iSnare. - ditto
MyBlogLog - ditto
Lifehacker - ditto
Threadwatch - ditto
Yahoo! Answers - Yahoo forum-alike system for providing quick solutions among peers.
Google Groups - Google forum-alike system to gather users of similar interests
Wikipedia - Social encyclopedia system for users to collaborate and compose essays upon different topics and glossaries
YouTube - Social video hosting services with huge number of visitors
Squidoo - For users to quickly create single descriptive page
Blogger - Online blogging services provided by Google
Haloscan - Plug-in service to Blogger that provides the trackback function, allowing reciprocal links from other blog posts to yours
PRWeb - Paid services for listing press releases
PRLeap - ditto

Statistics Tools

Google Zeitgeist - Lists out the most popular keywords and search information throughout different years in Google
Google Analytics - Provides comprehensive data and analysis of traffic to your web site, also includes recommendation of searching keywords commonly used by visitors
Google Webmasters Tools - Receives site map submission about your web site for better crawling of Googlebot
Google Trends - Comparison among different searching keywords by time and location
Google Website Optimizer - Provides 'experiments' for your web site and analyzes them for any potential room of optimization.
Google Adwords: Traffic Estimator - Estimates the traffic trend of a particular keywords
Google AdPlanner - A tool that provides suggestion on how to optimize your online advertisements
Googlerankings - Simple tool for checking your web site ranking on several search engines
Performancing - Online statistics tools for analyzing web traffic
Alexa - Famous tools for measure web traffic and make comparisons between web sites of similar topic

Advertisement Program

Google Adwords - Advertisement program by Google, clients can submit keywords and descriptions which can appear on relevant web sites that are subscribed to Adsense program Google Adwords: Keyword Tools - Suggests keywords for web site which can be used in advertisement or page titles
Google Adwords Professionals Program - Professional program offered by Google for a standing for using Adwords in Internet marketing
Google Adsense - Complementary program to Adwords. Clients can choose to display text links banners on their web sites from which the links are from Adwords subscribers
Yahoo Search Engine Marketing - Advertisement program by Yahoo
Microsoft adCenter - Advertisement program by Microsoft MSN


Wikipedia | SEO - Definition of search engine optimization as on Wikipedia
SEOmoz - Comprehensive materials about SEO tips and recommendations
SEO Book - ditto
del.icio.us | SEO - Make use of the power of Web 2.0, see quality pages about SEO as tagged by other people
SEO Cheatsheet - Simple table form presentation listing a number of on-site optimization tips and strategies

Social Networking

Facebook - Advertise your web site on Facebook! Post it to your profile or send it as messages, at least your friends may be interested and give you a head start traffic
LinkedIn - Setup a public profile on LinkedIn with your new web site, it will bring exposure to not only your web site but yourself as well.

SEO The Basics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the strategy of web site enhancement with an objective to increase the traffic from search engines. This is usually achieved by improving the site rankings in search engines upon specific keyword search, increasing site exposure by gaining linkages from high-ranking web sites etc. As people search and surf with a specific purpose, it is anticipated that the traffics attracted via search engines are more likely to be the target audiences. SEO is performed to maximize the site exposure to such pool.

The Introduction of Google PageRank

Web spiders and crawlers are well known terms describing the robots systems that index the web proactively, building a database of URL as the base of search engines. Since the introduction of Google PageRank algorithm (formerly known as BackRub), search engines indexing became a sophisticated art, resulting a much closer bond and relevance among neighbor or related pages. PageRank is working with a general idea that counts the number of pages linking to the web site, together with other factors that determines the overall site rankings in Google.

As the web audiences are getting more differentiated by purposes, publicizing on the Internet will require a more focused marketing strategy. In order for a web site to be appear outstanding over the others in search engines, researches should be done on:

  1. Search engines logic and algorithm in site rankings
  2. Keywords that your audience may search in order to reach you
  3. Competition with other similar web sites on each keyword
  4. Web 2.0 concept of collaboration, which can bring extra traffic
  5. Tools that help in analyzing traffic statistics and promotion.

1. Search Engine Logic

You should understand 1) how search engines view you page as being relevant to topic, and 2) how search engines assign the site rankings.

Being relevant to your business is of utmost importance to bring in high quality visitors. For this we can perform on-site optimization (enhancement that can be done on the coding level). Having high rankings will obviously increase your site exposure allowing it to be easily clicked on top of search results. For this we can perform off-site optimization (enhancement to be done outside the web site, like building links from other web sites.)

More on the strategies for both in later postings.

SEO techniques are also classified as white hat and black hat. White hat SEO generally means performing SEO is a healthy way, like building nice and relevant contents, inducing bonds and groups formation, gaining links by reputation and make the contents accessible to web crawlers etc., which is more user oriented. Black hat SEO are relatively 'dark arts' that attempt to achieve a high standings in search engines in an undesirable approach, like spamdexing. Usually black hat techniques may be able to boost the traffic in a short term before being penalized by the search engines.


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