TrackBack Link Building

One of the quickest way for link building in blogs is the send track back pings to other blog posts. Track back technology was introduced by Six Apart not long after the blogging concept gained its popularity. To put the concept in an easy way:

  1. Bob writes a blog post and is going to build some links to it.
  2. Alice has a blog post on similar topic, Bob wants Alice to link to his blog
  3. Bob sends a track back ping to Alice blog, announcing his latest blog post of same topic.
  4. A link appears on Alice's blog linking to Bob's, people visiting Alice's blog may also visit Bob's via the link.

In the entire process, the recipient (Alice) is entirely passive. Bob can create a link in others' blog just by pinging it.

Sending Track Back

First of all you must have one or more track back URLs from other blogs that you would like to place your link. The track back URL is different from the blog URL or perm URL that you can copy from browser address bar, instead it carries a format like: , where '5' is the track back ID.

Common blogging clients should be equipped with track back function. Taking Wordpress as an example, whenever you write a new post there should be a "Trackbacks" section underneath:


If you are using Blogger, like us, the track back function is not built-in, you can subscribe to Haloscan as a plugin. Haloscan will generate a track back URL for every posts in your blog, you can also send a maximum of 5 pings each time.