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The page summarized a list of SEO tactics for beginners with topics covering:

  1. market research
  2. keyword research
  3. on page optimization
  4. site structure
  5. link building
  6. brand building
  7. viral marketing
  8. adjusting
  9. staying up to date

From the ground up, as SEO is part of marketing we suggest to do a simple positioning analysis for your web site, figure out the market you are serving and who will be your target customers.

From that, try to figure out the searching habits of those target customers. For example, if a vast number of potential customers are happy browsing in Yahoo news, you may want to figure out some ways to optimize your site for Yahoo as well.

Figure out some keywords, use Google Webmasters Tools for help. Derive a set of keywords with least competition that can mostly reflect the characteristics of your product / services. There are a huge number of surfers who search specifically instead of using broad and generic search terms, try to target those as a long tail.

Apply common on page optimization. Like modifying the title and meta description to reflect the keywords about your site. Adjusting the frequency of keywords as appeared on your front page. Build in a nice infrastructure according to specific sitemap, nice inbound linkages will help in defining such structure.

Link building will require some time. Black hat tactics can sometimes help but overdoing will incur penalty from search engines. Try to make use of social networking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, MyBlogLog etc. to maximize interactivity and reciprocal links. Comments of blogs and participating in discussion forums can also help. But above all, a consistent effort is required.

Brand building and viral marketing are the next step that slowly build up the reputation of your web site and having a goodwill formed among the community, at that point, maintaining good contents is what it takes to sustain such good will.

Staying up to date would be important to both your readers and search engines, search engines normally crawl your site more if it keeps updated. To save some effort you may consider adding some dynamic contents ever changing to keep your page refreshed, but after all, at that stage an honest endeavor in keeping good content will be of utmost importance.


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