About Palapple...

Palapple positions itself as a social computing engine that allows you to stay connected with your friends and acquaintances. Every day people come across with many other individuals, but such connections can easily be broken once the contact information (e.g. mobile phone or email) is changed. At Palapple, we keep everyone's contacts updated for you, as well as helping you to effectively scale-up your social network.

Vision and Roadmap

We have a strong passion to facilitate people's cohesion via web technologies. Instead of investing enormously on cutting-edged technologies, we are putting more resources on studying people's behaviors during communications. Our current objectives are:

  • To help people keep their existing connections
  • To help restoring lost connections
  • To keep everyone's contact information up-to-date
  • To provide a channel for scaling-up people's social networks

In the near future, we are extending our services outside your desktop computer:

  • To synchronize your address book with your mobile devices
  • To let you keep in touch with your friends anywhere, anytime
  • To keep the entire Yellow Pages with you, with an easier way of searching
  • To allow the easiest way to exchange contact with new acquaintances (no more name card please)

Palapple believes that the term "social computing" should cover all mankind. We treasure the meanings of charity since started-up and is devoted to contribute substantially in helping the ones in need.

Palapple was founded in March 2007 by Peter Choi and is currently headquartered in Hong Kong.

Contact Us

For more information you are welcomed to contact us here.