Get Ready for Palapple!

Time flies and it is now 2007. It is more than obvious that in the recent few years Internet technologies have been developing in amazing speed, within which Web2.0 applications featuring blogs, photos and videos, and social networking have arguably become the most widely used utilities on the web.

Palapple is a social computing utility, that answers the demand for people to maintain relationships and to keep in touch with their acquaintances,  As much as we interact with one anothers by our own means, we believe that the web technology can systematically organize our contact lists as well as scale up our social network.

In the past, we have successfully mapped the web and discovered the relationship among various webpages. Similar methodology may be applied on mapping human relations as well. By visualizing your existing social network and those of others, interesting patterns can be found, which effectively ease your search for both old and new friends.

Sounds interesting? More are yet to come! Palapple is under active development right now and we are expecting a launch within the next two months. We hope you will learn a lot more about it by then.